Sponsor Opportunities

CoreNet Global - Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

Every July we conduct our annual sponsorship drive to identify our sponsor partners. We recognise the significance of our sponsors to the on-going development and success of our chapter and we greatly appreciate your consideration for sponsorship.

This document has been designed to outline the various sponsorship opportunities available. Each package allows sponsors to select options which will create maximum value to their business. Should you have any questions, please contact Asha Lal at: asha@corenetglobal.org.nz

CoreNet Global's Purpose

CoreNet Global is an international network of individual members and chapters, offering access to knowledge, best practice and contact with other workplace professionals.

Today’s workplace professionals are under tremendous pressure to add shareholder value. Their roles have evolved to include that of business strategist, change manager and network specialist. Yesterday’s trend is today’s reality and the future depends on the ability to manage a highly sophisticated and networked enterprise.

Advancing Knowledge

CoreNet Global NZ Chapter's role is the industry’s thought and opinion leader for New Zealand. CoreNet Global NZ Chapter provides opportunities for leadership development to prepare today’s workplace professionals for a changing workplace in New Zealand.

Connecting People

With over 10,000 members world-wide, CoreNet Global NZ Chapter's network provides a significant global resource for sharing knowledge and networking with peers from the entire industry…globally,locally and virtually. In New Zealand we have an ever-increasing membership representing prominent professionals in the property industry, including organisations such as New Zealand Post, Air New Zealand, Telecom, Westpac, BNZ, ANZ; commercial and government property , and development organisations; architectural firms; consulting organisations; and many key suppliers all striving to bring unique value to the industry.

Promoting Personal Excellence

Based on a global platform and tailored to the regional environment, the global Summits, regional Symposiums and local Forums are developed and taught by the best in the industry and must maintain CoreNet Global’s high standards on quality programming. 


There are five levels of annual sponsorship available:



NZ Dollars



$26,000 + GST

Click here for Diamond sponsorship benefits.   



$15,500 + GST

Click here for Emerald sponsorship benefits.  



$11,000 + GST

Click here for Ruby sponsorship benefits.   



$8,000 + GST

Click here for Sapphire sponsorship benefits.   



$5,500 + GST

Click here for Pearl sponsorship benefits. 
Please note:
  • Sponsor organization are not to conduct an activity concurrent with or competitive to an official Symposium activity, unless authorized to do so in writing from CoreNet Global NZ Chapter
  • Sponsorship of a Symposium Session does not entitle the sponsor to appoint a speaker and/or moderator of its choice to that or any other Symposium Session, unless as part of an agreed sponsorship package.
  • Sponsors are not to promote their business, products or organization during any Symposium Session introduction or speaker gift presentation, unless authorized to do so in writing from CoreNet Global NZ Chapter
  • CoreNet Global NZ Chapter reserves the right to offer Sponsorship packages not renewed by July 31st to other sponsors.

Pls contact Asha Lal at: asha@corenetglobal.org.nz for more details on Sponsorship packages and benefits