Simon Trude, Gensler


The Porter is an exciting new concept in curated and high-quality collaborative space. Managed by Haworth, The Porter is an activated, curated space that helps the building ‘come alive’ by creating a destination in the lobby area. This membership-based space is thoughtfully crafted to provide the tools and environments for a wide-range of working requirements. Members can enjoy The Porter for solo work, host small meetings or even create larger scale events. The flexibility of this unique environment offers the opportunity to create bespoke solutions according to your needs.

The space itself will be continuously reinvented and refreshed with the latest collaboration settings and technology tools to support all work modes and collaborative activities. The Porter is driven by knowledge and data that is directly captured by the community that inhabits it, making it the most intelligent, seamless and productive collaboration space of its kind.

Simon Trude
Managing Director of Gensler in Sydney, Australia.

He brings a wealth of knowledge across all market sectors and disciplines and holds intimate and personal relationships with his clients to help them build their business solutions. Simon is a strategist and creative director, but most importantly he keeps his clients centric to the process while delivering business driven solutions, strategic integrated communications and activated customer experiences within the built environment through an integrated design delivery process.

Simon has extensive experience in consulting services including headquarters and workplace consulting. Through his global experience and a deep process of engagement with the client, he and his team are able to delivery unique strategies that become business levers for the client to create a dynamic culture that allows his clients to start living their company values and executing on their business objectives.

Simon Trude has worked for some of the world’s leading design firms all over the globe, focusing on strategic integrated communications and activated customer experiences within the built environment. In January he re-joined Gensler to spearhead the expansion into the Australian market by launching Gensler Australia.

Gensler has more than 4,000 professional architects, designers, planners and consultants networked across 46 locations. They collaborate on over 3,000 projects every year. These assignments can be as small as a wine label or as large as a new urban district. Gensler provides trusted advisors, combining localized expertise with global perspective wherever new opportunities arise.

The integral ethic is the commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage. Gensler is a multiple winner of the Business Week/Architectural Record Awards, the U.S. benchmark for business design innovation.

Simon said “Our concepts are driven by strategic insights about your brand and align with your business objectives. Our unique concepts actively engages the entire building to become a working asset to tenants outside of their traditional workplace environment, offering progressive services, collaborative settings, and technology to improve workplace efficiency. Ultimately this improves brand equity in the marketplace and creates a destination to attract new tenants”.

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