Juliette Morgan, Tech City UK


What role can central government play in fostering innovation and technology clusters with the potential to regenerate our cities and turbo boost the economy? The answer is not what you might expect it to be! Juliette Morgan will speak about her involvement in Tech City UK, a highly successful government initiative to support the growth of a technology cluster in East London.

Juliette Morgan
Head of Property, Tech City, London.

With more than 12 years international experience in developing and managing property for tech and biotech companies, Juliette Morgan has worked on millions of square feet under development and management in tech centres in the US and UK. She advises investors, developers, occupiers and government on property strategy and heads up seminars in the sector.

Her most recent and exciting project is as Head of Property - Tech City UK. She is a consulting advisor to 10 Downing St and The Mayor’s office for London. She is part of the founding team of Tech City and specialises in cluster development. Tech City UK was launched in November 2010 to support the growth of the technology cluster in East London. At the time of the launch there were approximately 200 digital companies in East London. Today there are over 1,300 digital companies in the area.

Tech City’s heritage of creativity and innovation make it hugely attractive for digital media and tech companies. With easy access to the financial centre of the City and quick access to Europe it is an ideal location to grow an international business. Their aim is for London to be recognised as the best place to imagine, start and grow a business.

Tech City’s immediate goal is to secure London’s position as undisputed digital capital of Europe and for Tech City UK to be home to some of the largest and most successful digital and tech businesses in the world. Many have already arrived. Juliette Morgan and her colleagues assist businesses across a wide range of sectors and stages – whether that’s helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality or enabling more established operations to take the steps they need to succeed.

Juliette Morgan is integral to the success of the organisation and will speak on:

  • Her property strategy for Tech City; providing orientation for companies moving in from overseas and assisting local companies with their expansion strategies;
  • How she led UKTI partnership with L.B. Hackney for Tech City Olympic showcase;
  • Establishing and running Tech City Property seminars;
  • Her role as government representative for Tech City in property matters including lobbying and policy initiatives in local and national government to GLA/No.10 and London Boroughs;
  • Her experience in an advisory role for landlords and funds on positioning product for occupation by high growth tech companies;
As if she’s not busy enough, Juliette Morgan is also columnist for Estates Gazette and chairs Tech London Advocates Property Group and is the Tech City representative on Old St Institute and regeneration. Juliette holds an MSc in Property Development & Planning and lives in East London.

  • The property ingredients you needfor a successful tech cluster
  • The role of government - how to help and how to get out of the way
  • Why retail and common areas are so important
  • Culture of collaboration - how to act on behalf of place rather than on behalf of self
  • Access to capital and the finance ecosystem