Jo Monaghan, BNZ


Often we hear about workplace projects that have taken years in the making. But what happens after they move in?

BNZ began its journey to flexible workspace in 2013 with the pilot floors at 80 Queen Street. Using industry tools and some kiwi ingenuity the success of the pilot is being tracked and informing what the future of workplace at BNZ looks like.

Hear about how and why the pilot was implemented and about the technology being used to get the most out of the workplace – now and into the future…

Jo Monaghan
Workplace Design and Delivery Manager BNZ.

Jo Monaghan is the Workplace Design and Delivery Manager at BNZ, responsible for the workplace strategy for the corporate sites. Her role encompasses both new design and innovation in the workplace as well as evolving existing spaces as the nature of workplace changes.

With over 20 years in the Construction industry and a background as an architect specialising in Commercial Design she has an in-depth understanding of the Workplace from both an end user and client perspective.