Elisabeth Gleed, BBC


Elisabeth Gleed gives a “warts and all” account of her time working on the massive and complex >£1 billion BBC W1 Broadcasting House project, developing a flexible workplace strategy and delivering change programmes. Hear what worked and what she would do differently and learn lessons that are applicable here in New Zealand.

Elisabeth Gleed
Business Change Manager for the BBC, London.

Elisabeth is currently working client-side at the BBC for the Comedy and Entertainment genre in TV. This is a major organisational restructure project, putting together Commissioning, Production and Operations teams all in one division for the first time. Television is moving from silo working to empowered collaboration in order to deliver content that provides value for the license fee payer and for the remainder of its lifetime.

Elisabeth’s previous role focussed on BBC’s most famous building and a London landmark – the BBC W1 Broadcasting House project. This is an iconic state-of-the-art building for the media industry that is now home for nearly 6000 people from TV, News, Radio & Online. Her focus on this project was the design and development of a flexible working strategy and facilitating bespoke change programmes for a number of divisions.

New Broadcasting House is a dynamic new home for the BBC’s TV genres and national radio networks, as well as a focus for the BBC’s national and international news operations, bringing the World Service and the domestic news service together in one venue for the first time.

This new building hosts one of the world’s largest live newsrooms.

At any one time, over 10 million people across the UK will watch or listen to output from New Broadcasting House, and every week at least 150 million people worldwide will tune into the World Service.

Elisabeth is an experienced Change Facilitator with over 15 years’ experience in the business of people focussed change. She has worked in many industries including, IT, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Energy, FMCG, Finance and Media.

Her most recent project at the BBC is a fascinating case study in culture transformation. For an organisation known for its conservative and staid values with the nickname ‘Auntie,’ the BBC is changing dramatically. Elisabeth will share her experiences and what she has learnt along the way on how to engage and inspire people to transform their organisation.

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