Anthony Flannery, Director of Re-imagine

Anthony Flannery will moderate the morning sessions:

Morning Session Part 1  Urban & Economic Transformation
Juliette Morgan, Tech City UK

Morning Session Part 2  Building Relationships
James Grose, BVN Donovan Hill and Rod Aitken, ASB

Morning Session Part 3  Changing Auntie Beeb
Elisabeth Gleed, BBC

Morning Session Part 4  The Porter
Simon Trude, Gensler’

Anthony Flannery
Director of re-Imagine

Anthony is an Architect, Urban Designer, Strategic Planner and Transformation Designer.

He is Director of re-Imagine Ltd and holds a number of advisory positions including Chair of Hamilton Urban Design Panel and National Urban Design Adviser to Housing New Zealand Corporation’s Asset and Investment Committee.

He has been involved in a wide range of architectural, urban design, strategic planning and community regeneration projects in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Projects in which he has been involved have received over thirty regional, national and international awards and commendations.

He has taught architecture and urban design in the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool (UK) and currently has a role as a visiting lecturer and design tutor at Unitec, Auckland. He regularly addresses national and international urban design and strategic planning conferences and has shared conference platforms with leading practitioners from Australasia, Europe and the USA.