David Maurice, Associate Director, Marketing Communications M Moser Associates

David Maurice will moderate Concurrent Workshop 2:

Visions of the Rock Star Economy
Alan McMahon, National Director Consulting & Research Colliers,
Justin Kean, Director, Research & Consultancy Jones Land LaSalle ,
Tim Rookes, Head of Global Corporate Services CBRE,
Carey Oldfield, Executive General Manager DTZ


With the New Zealand economy predicted to attain “Rock Star” Status in 2014, how does the role of CRE play a significant lead in ensuring business reaps the benefits of the opportunities on the horizon? What key skills do CRE Execs possess that can influence change and show an overall understanding of business? Are the days of caution, cost cutting and bench marking changing across all sectors as the emphasis moves to value creation?

David Maurice
Associate Director, Marketing Communications M Moser Associates.

David Maurice has been with Global Workplace Design and delivery specialists M Moser Associates www.mmoser.com for 14 years.

From a Sales, Marketing and Business Development background, David was with the London office of M Moser Associates before transitioning in 2012 to lead the Global Marketing and Communications team from his new base in Auckland.